All of our ornaments and gifts are original designs by artist and founder, Emily Cornelius.  Since 1992 she has been designing original products that feature all breeds of dogs.  Although some breeds may still not be available in our line, we do feature 200 breed varieties and more are available through our custom design offerings.

Our process is unique in that each ornament or product is a series of layered wooden parts.  We first cut out of solid wood the scene, or the individual designs that make up the background scene or vehicle.  Each individual piece is hand painted by local artists and moved to a container where it waits for a dog to be chosen.  Each dog is also cut individually from wood, base coated then detailed by local artists. 

When we get an order, we simply merge and assemble the parts needed for the product, with the dog(s) that are chosen by the customer and then we create the products individually just for you.  Finishing touches are added such as bows, ribbons and dots of gold on the collars.  Finally we box each individual ornament or gift in a handsome box or backer-board and ship them to you.

Because of the fabulous hand painted wooden designs, and the layered process, each work is dimensional and clever in that the dogs are actually standing or placed in front of the scene or in the vehicle you have chosen.  The computer does not do justice to the texture, handcrafted dimensional qualities that these products have.  The layers bring the story to life in a way that a flat painting just can't achieve.

The details are great and the hand painted charm delightful.  The backs of the products are finished, but not detailed and are designed to be seen and enjoyed from the front.  All works feature a USA handcrafted tag on the back and come in a very handsome gift box.

Our paint is non-toxic, but please know that all of our products are for decoration and not intended to be used as a toy.  Small parts can break off and cause hazards to young children.  Please also be careful to not allow your dog to chew them, as the dog may choke and also ruin the lovely product.